What Makes Milk Thistle Highly Beneficial?

Milk-Thistle Silybum marianum

Milk-Thistle Silybum Marianum

Milk Thistle Benefits & Information (Silybum Marianum)

Milk thistle is one herb that is highly beneficial to the liver. Well, what is milk thistle? It is a naturally occurring plant found in South Russia, South Europe, North America and Asia Minor. The herb has been in use for nearly 2000 years as a natural treatment for several disorders, especially liver and related problems. Milk thistle has a wide range of therapeutic properties and can treat problems related to liver, bile duct, and spleen.

Additionally, the United States National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have cataloged more than 400 scientific studies of milk thistle and its active compounds in their medicine database. These studies reflect what generations past knew and depended on – that milk thistle is one of the most valuable and beneficial herbal remedies and treatments available anywhere in the world.

What makes milk thistle highly beneficial is the bioflavonoid complex known as silymarin it contains. This ingredient is extracted from the seeds of the plant and is responsible for the therapeutic properties it possesses. Silymarin consists of three flavonoids namely Silybin, Silydianin, and Silychristin. Of these three, Silybin is the most active ingredient and is present in the extract obtained from milk thistle.

Today, milk thistle is still one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world and is also the number one recommended natural herb for liver health. In fact, on the health benefits of Milk Thistle are well-known for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. It targets the pancreas and stomach. It’s rich in bioflavonoids, and its character is hepatic tonic, alternative, demulcent and protective.

The most advanced of the traditional healers were the Ayurvedic practitioners that originated in India. They recognized the role played by various organs of the human body. One of the benefits of milk thistle is to promote liver health. It is prescribed by some herbalists to treat cirrhosis, jaundice, and hepatitis. Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend Curcumin Turmeric for that purpose. Typically, they used a combination of herbs, rather than a single ingredient.

Human Liver Anatomy

Human Liver Anatomy

Liver-related conditions indicating the use of milk thistle are varied, including, but not limited to:

  • Chronic active hepatitis
  • Drug and alcohol induced liver damage
  • Acute viral hepatitis
  • Fatty liver
  • Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
  • Hepatic toxicity caused by steroid usage
  • Environmental sensitivities and toxins

Other medical uses of milk thistle

Apart from symptoms associated with liver, it has also been found useful in treating a variety of non-liver diseases.

  • It is beneficial for the heart as it lowers the level of cholesterol.
  • It inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Milk thistle prevents Alzheimer’s disease in adults.
  • It reduces the sugar levels in the blood.
  • It is helpful in treating mushroom poisoning.
  • It acts as a natural sunscreen and is useful for treating a variety of skin diseases.
  • It is a good cure for problems associated with the digestive system.

Milk thistle being a very mild herb produces no side effects and can be used by anyone in need. However, it is better to seek the advice of a health care professional, especially when deciding on the brand.

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Milk Thistle - Milk Thistle Benefits

Milk Thistle – Milk Thistle Benefits

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