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Curcumin and Omega-3 | Spinal Cord Injury Patients

11 Aug

Curcumin, and omega-3 fatty acid DHA Could Preserve Walking Ability Among Spinal Cord Injury PatientsCurcumin turmeric + Flax Seeds Omega-3

Flax Seeds Omega-3 + Curcumin turmeric

Source: Curcumin and Omega-3 | Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Incomplete spinal cord injuries
  • Complete spinal cord injuries
  • Anterior cord syndrome
  • Central cord syndrome
  • Brown-Sequard syndrome
  • Tetraplegia
  • Paraplegia
  • Triplegia

A partial list of common spinal cord injury symptoms includes:Varying degrees of paralysis, including tetraplegia/quadriplegia, and paraplegia
Difficulty breathing; the need to be on a respirator
Problems with bladder and bowel function
Frequent infections; the likelihood of this increases if you are on a feeding or breathing tube
Chronic pain
Changes in mood or personality
Loss of libido or sexual function
Loss of fertility
Nerve pain
Chronic muscle pain
Pneumonia (more than half of cervical spinal cord injury survivors struggle with bouts of pneumonia)

Heals Spinal Cord Injuries Better Than Drugs/Surgery

Curcumin Flax Seed Oil omega 3 supplement

Curcumin Flax Seed Oil omega 3 supplement

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