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The Benefits of Vitamin D3: The Most Essential Daily Supplement

26 Jun

Vitamin D3 may be the one of the most important additions to your daily supplement routine. This little-known vitamin corrects vitamin D deficiencies resulting from a modern lifestyle and dietary habits. Once thought to be under control, vitamin D deficiencies are once again on the rise in the United States. Fortunately, you can take control of your vitamin D levels by taking Mega Vitamin D3 for structural support and bone strength.

The Importance Of Vitamin D3

Health Benefits Of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D Deficiency Rates are Rising

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition now recognizes vitamin D deficiency as a pandemic. This group of nutrition scientists says the major cause of vitamin D deficiency is the result of inadequate exposure to the sun, and that very few foods contain any appreciable amount of this vitamin.

The lack of exposure to sunlight and vitamin D-rich food sources or products cause widespread rickets up until the 1930s, when the fortification of milk eradicated this disease in the United States and Europe. Rickets softens and weakens the developing bones of growing children and adolescents, sometimes causing bowed legs and other bone problems.

Harvard School of Public Health says that about one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency today. In fact, physicians are seeing a resurgence of rickets in the United States. In addition to rickets, vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, some cancers, and multiple sclerosis; it may even be a risk factor for contracting infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and seasonal influenza.

According to a study published in Nutrition Research, 41.6 percent of the U.S. population suffers from vitamin D deficiency. The highest rates for this condition were for African Americans at 82 percent and Hispanics at nearly 70 percent. Vitamin D deficiency is more likely to occur in individuals who are obese, lack a college education, do not drink milk, or who suffer from a medical condition such as high blood pressure or low “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

Vitamin D3 to the Rescue

Scientists refer to vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol. This vitamin plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium from the stomach and in the way calcium functions inside the body. Physicians use cholecalciferol to treat or prevent medical conditions, especially diseases of the skin and bones, caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Physician Naturals Vitamin D3 at 5000 IU contains the cholecalciferol your body needs for structural support and bone strength. The benefits of Mega Vitamin D3 include:

  • An easy-to-take highly absorbable softgel
  • Providing maximum potency
  • Improving structural support
  • Supporting healthy blood sugar levels
  • Maintaining strong bones

Regain your bone strength and structural support with Physician Naturals Mega Vitamin D3 today – your bones will thank you tomorrow.

Dr. Oz on The Importance of Vitamin D

Dr. Oz on The Importance of Vitamin D









The Importance Of Vitamin D3


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6 Jun

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Searching For Weight Loss Solutions?

4 Jun

Searching For Weight Loss Solutions?.

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Green Tea Is Powerful Antioxidants While Simultaneously Dropping The Calories And Blood Sugar

4 Jun

Green Tea Is Powerful Antioxidants While Simultaneously Dropping The Calories And Blood Sugar.

What is a urine infection and what causes it?

4 Jun

UTI (urinary track infection) Supplement

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Cranberry Supplements for Urinary Tract Infections Cranberry Supplements for Urinary Tract Infections

 What is a urine infection and what causes it?

When the infection is just in the bladder and urethra, this is called a lower UTI. If it travels up to affect one or both kidneys as well then it is called an upper UTI. This can be more serious than lower UTIs, as the kidneys can become damaged by the infection. Recurrent urinary tract infections can cause kidney damage if left untreated, 

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a very common health problem. While both men and women get UTIs, women are more prone to them. A UTI occurs when the bladder and its exit tubes are infected by bacteria. Some of the causes are sexual intercourse, waiting too long to urinate, pregnancy, menopause, and diabetes.

Common symptoms include a frequent urge to urinatepassing small quantities of urinea burning sensation when…

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Garcinina Cambogia Ultra is the newest, fastest fat loss supplement availble today

2 Jun

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia Supplement

Garcinina Cambogia Ultra is the newest, fastest fat loss supplement available today, Dr. Oz recently called Garcinia Cambogia as a miracle fruit and “the Holy Grail for weight loss” on his popular television show. He said “it helps loose weight without stimulating the central nervous system”.

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