Saw Palmetto Extract

14 Oct

Serenoa repens, popularly known as saw palmetto extract, may be the single kinds presently categorized within the genus Serenoa. It is often recognized by a few alternatives, such as Sabal serrulatum, to which identify still it frequently seems in alternative healthcare.

Saw palmetto is a palm

plant that produces the beneficial saw palmetto extract. Saw palmetto extracts works by nourishing the male prostate gland and urinary system. Saw palmetto benefits prostate health, urinary system, and respiratory system. Saw Palmetto is a prostate health supplement derived from the dried berries of the saw palmetto plant which works actively in preventing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in men. Prostate cancer treatment and therapy options, other than those offered through traditional medicine, brings many people to new age treatments that have been very popular in alternative medicine for many years.  It is said the positive effect that many natural treatments bring to improving health after aggressive surgery, radiation therapy or medicine are the reason why so many choose these options to complement the options given through traditional medicine to combat a disease like prostate cancer.

Prostate health is an issue for men of all ages which increase as we grow older. A healthy prostate is also essential to suitable sexual function, so most men consider the health of their prostates exceptionally acutely. For men, particularly those aged 40 and greater than, maintaining a nutritious prostate is necessary.

Saw palmetto is as well known for several medicinal purposes. Several of the uses of the saw palmetto fruit extract have been used in traditional and alternative

Saw palmetto benefits

enlarged prostate related by avoiding it from expanding any bigger, however it is unfamiliar exactly what the palmetto consists of to prevent the bloating from the human gland. Therefore it doesn’t really reduce in size the human gland, just helps prevent it from developing larger. Due to this, a regular saw palmetto extract dose might be a wise decision if you’re a man who is getting a little older and may be at risk of developing prostate problems later on.

medicines such as:

  • Support and trials as a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • A potential treatment for male pattern baldness.
  • An expectorant.
  • An antiseptic.
  • Maintain for immature breasts.
  • Painful menstruation cycles.
  • Support for infertility of women.
  • Increased lactation.
  • Anorexigenic, (appetite-inhibiting) or appetite stimulant, compound that increases appetite
  • A possible anti-tumor compound.

Saw palmetto is solitary of the large amount accepted nutritional supplements to sustain  prostate health. It may be continued indefinitely, as preferred.*

Prostate health is very critical, as prostate cancer and other related medical conditions are usual in the company of men entering middle age.

Saw Palmetto has not been widely used for women; also, there has not been recorded studies of the product being tested on some of women’s hormonal-related problems such as hirsutism, a condition of having too much hair (in the wrong places) thought to be caused by excessive androgenic levels such as testosterone.  The same goes with the bust-enlarging effects of Saw Palmetto on women; there’s no scientific proof that it does work as a bust-builder product.  The promotion of beneficial effects of Saw Palmetto on women for both hirsutism and bust enhancement is merely based on assumptions and theories of the product.

Saw Palmetto helps in reviving those hair follicles which were weakened by the DHT hormone.  It also helps in improving the strength of the hair with a healthy sheen on it. It is also known to reduce the stress and irritation from the scalp. Although, most natural remedies do not cause any side effect, it is still advisable under no circumstances to use Observed palmetto in case you are pregnant or lactating.

Saw palmetto causes hair to grow where it shouldn’t (e.g., facial hair on women of any age, hair on the ears of men as they age). It also promotes the receding hair line or male pattern hair thinning in men orwomen.  Both men and women convert testosterone to DHT.* Two areas in both sexes that have significant potential DHT structure are the skin and hair follicles.  The result of excess DHT on hair is rather interesting.

DHT may also be a factor in hormone-related mild skin acne.

As in case of men, saw palmetto benefits for hair loss is applicable for women, who have male pattern baldness. This herb is also claimed to have properties that may prove beneficial for breast enlargement. Hair loss is connected to the production of dihydrotestosterone DHT in the body, which is known as a by-product of testosterone. DHT is the main reason for making hair follicles shrink and eventually stop hair growth altogether.The extract of the berries of this palm has been used in the treatment of many diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia and urinary tract infections. It has also been suggested that this herb is useful in the treatment of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), for breast enlargement and increasing sex drive. Even though, there is no scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of the herb, it is widely used by people as an herbal supplement, for various health problems.

Common saw palmetto side effects include; dark urine, headache, decreased sex drive, dizziness, nausea and other stomach related issues. Rash and skin irritation can also occur if you are allergic to saw palmetto. Generally, all saw palmetto side effects are thought to diminish on their own as the human body begins to develop a higher tolerance for this drug.

Supplements for prostate health aren’t cures, they are nutrients that can help perk up a man’s prostate health and in so doing narrow his probability of acquiring prostate-related disorders such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate as well as cancer. Supplements and food sources rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and selenium) have been shown to control cell damage and could put off prostate cancer.

PhysicianNaturals SimplyPure Super Saw Palmetto w/Pumpkin seed oil 320 mg-100 soft gels is made from the highest quality Saw palmetto extract combined with pumpkin seed oil to work in synergy to provide enhanced prostate support.

SimplyPure Super Saw Palmetto w/Pumpkin seed oil 320 mg-100 soft gels


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