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24 May

Milk Thistle 300 mg Liver Health

Liver is the largest organ inside your body. It is also one of the most

important has multiple functions. The liver will then

process these nutrients in different ways, depending on the body’s needs, build of the anatomy of the digestive system and pull out any

bad things in the blood, such as toxins, and remove them from the body.

The liver, gallbladder and duct system that creates, transports,

stores, and releases bile into the digestive system usually stores some of the

nutrients in a form that the remains can use for fast energy. Symptoms

of liver disease also call

hepatic disease include bleeding, easy bruising, abdominal pain, edema, fatigue, and, yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice).

The most widely used herb for Hepatitis or Liver

Disease is Milk thistle also known as

silymarin and its scientific name Silybum, Research Suggests milk thistle may limit liver damage


Thistle Benefits Free radicals are very unstable molecules that are generated

through pollution, such as smoking, car fumes, perticides…, and that destroy

body cells accelerating aging. They also oxidize the low density lipids (LDL)

that carry water-insoluble cholesterol through the blood to the arteries where

it is needed to repair damage, resulting in excess deposition and the

atherosclerosis that can cause strokes and heart disease.

Some of

the benefits of the milk thistle herb have been known for centuries. Others

have been discovered more recently. Most of the traditional uses and some of

the newer ones have to do with the benefit to the liver.


active compound in the milk thistle herb is known as silymarin. Studies

concerning the medicinal uses of silymarin have been conducted in numerous

countries since the 1970s. There are over 300 published studies concerning milk

thistle benefits on Pub-Med and another 800 concerning silymarin. Why all of

this interest? There are several reasons, here’s one.


consumption benefits of milk thistle, especially in the liver. The milk thistle

plant, Silybum marianum, or resident in the Mediterranean region and has become

naturalized in North America.

The use

of milk thistle benefits liver cleanse has been popular for at least 2000 years

in the Mediterranean region where it grows naturally. While not a new hcv

treatment, this thistle has been used in teas to treat all forms of liver and

gall bladder issues. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website

the primary research areas for this herb is alcohol poisoning, viral hepatitis,

mushroom poisoning and cancer.

Scientific Evidence

Proves Significant Anti-Cancer Effect of Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has been used in the treatment of liver diseases including liver

cancer for years. It heals the liver by lowering enzyme levels and assisting

the liver in its process of detoxifying the body. Herbalists and Chinese

Physicians have prescribed milk thistle for all types of liver disorders

including cirrhosis, inflammation, high liver enzymes, jaundice, and hardening

of the liver, hepatitis and liver cancer. Herbalists recommend milk thistle for

any type of cancer as it is vital in aiding detoxification of the blood.

Milk Thistle Benefits:

Silymarin a complex antioxidant bioflavinoids is the active ingredient in Milk

Liver Health – Milk Thistle – Liver Detoxification – Milk Thistle Liver Health

  • It helps to reduce insulin resistance to people with type two diabetes and also

    have cirrhosis

  • Milk thistle can also reduce the effect of hangover.
  • It helps to lower cholesterol.
  • It helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells in patients with breasts, cervix

    and prostate cancer.

Milk thistle protects the Liver from damage due to toxins or disease,

and boost regeneration of Liver tissue where there has been damage.

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Thistle Precautions:
The use

of herbs is a habitual approach to strengthening the body and treating disease.

Herbs should be taken with care, under the direction of a practitioner. Milk

thistle should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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