Milk Thistle Supplements – Milk Thistle Liver Health: Explanation For Pain In The Liver -Milk Thistle Benefits

20 Dec

About Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) Liver Health



are some details about the milk thistle. It grows

40 to 100 cm tall. The stem is grooved and more or less cottony. The

leaves are oblong to lanceolate. They are either lobate or pinnate, with

spiny edges. They are hairless, shiny green, with milk-white veins. The

flower heads are 4 to 5 cm long and wide, of red-purple colour. They

flower from June to August.Milk thistle provision are from the seeds of Silybum marianum,

a member of the sunflower family native to a narrow area of the

Mediterranean, but grown for centuries throughout Europe and naturalized

on that continent. It is also naturalized in the United States. In

fact, it is a common weed in California.

It was brought to America

by early settlers, perhaps as a food plant, and became established in

the eastern United States, as well as the West. By the turn of the

century, it was already frequent in California, in abandoned fields, old

pastures, and by roadsides. It is also naturalized in some areas of

South America, and Australia, where it is a nuisance weed forming


Milk Thistle has black shiny seeds, crowned with

feathery tufts like those of dandelion seeds. It is the seed that have

been the subject of interest among herbalists. Traditionally, seeds have

been roasted for use as a coffee substitute, but it is their historical

and modern use in the supportive treatment of liver disease that has

attracted attention. Use of the plant as a liver protecting agent dates

at least to the first century


Explanation For Pain in the Liver -milk thistle benefits The

health benefits of Milk Thistle are well-known for the treatment of

liver and gallbladder disorders. It targets the pancreas and stomach.

It’s rich in bio flavonoids, and its character is hepatic tonic,

alternative, demulcent and protective.

Benefits:(Milk thistle extract)

Protects the Liver from damage due to toxins or disease,

and boost regeneration of Liver tissue where there has been damage.
Antioxidant parallel in effect to Vitamin E.
Motivate the secretion of bile, and as

a treatment for depression.
Protects the liver from the damage

that can result from prolonged use of drugs.
Nutritionally supports the livers

ability to maintain normal liver function.
Milk thistle

estrogen-like effect may also have some usefulness for men with prostate


The most advanced of the

traditional healers were the Ayurvedic practitioners that originated in

India. They recognized the role played by various organs of the human

body. One of the benefits of milk thistle is to promote liver health. It

is prescribed by some herbalists to treat cirrhosis, jaundice and

hepatitis. Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend Curcumin Turmeric for

that purpose. Typically, they used a combination of herbs, rather than a

single ingredient.

Milk thistle is best used for nursing mothers

and those with liver and gall bladder diseases. This herb is known to be

versatile due to its notifying (tonifying are generally

considered safe when used in moderation) and restorative abilities. You

can use almost all parts of the milk thistle plant for healing. Its

flowers, leaves and seeds of the milk thistle have healing properties

and there are several ways that you can prepare them into a natural

remedy to be used from home.

Most researchers are aware that milk

thistle helps liver disease. Their study now concerns how it helps or

why it is beneficial. Researchers are pretty sure why milk thistle helps

liver disease and protects against further damage.


the Liver from damage due to toxins or disease, and boost regeneration

of Liver tissue where there has been damage. Milk thistle can also act

as a demulcent, which means it is very soothing to mucous membranes,

along with moisturizing them. That has important meaning for those with

skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, or even just dry, cracked


Silymarin helps to stimulate the flow of bile out of

the bile duct, while also decreasing inflammation in an already inflamed

gall bladder.

There are many other milk thistle uses being

explored by science, including as an adjunct for treatment of certain

cancers, HIV/AIDS, and also for its antioxidant properties. The best way

to enjoy the benefits of silymarin is in a supplement that also

contains ingredients to work in synergy.

Milk Thistle acts as a

powerful antioxidant, protecting the liver from chemicals called free

radicals. Free radicals are introduced to your body by outside toxins,

and are created by natural processes in your body.

Other known

drugs that have problems with silymarin are antipsychotics, phenytoin

for seizures, and halothane. Other drugs that my cause trouble with

herbs liver health choices are allergy drugs and anti anxiety drugs

because they are designed to break down in the liver



Cleanse Super Milk Thistle Physician Naturals Simply Pure contains

highest quality organic ingredients and manufactured with advanced

formulations providing natural support to the liver in multiple ways.

Pharmaceutical grade Organic Super Milk Thistle is extra absorb-able.

Side Effects


rare possible side effects may include; mild abdominal pain, diarrhea,

nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence, bloating, anorexia, headache, skin

reactions, insomnia, and impotence. You shouldn’t ever give milk thistle

to children without a doctor’s approval. This complex actually attaches

to the liver cells membranes and puts a silymarin shield to the outside

blocking viruses and toxins from entering the cell and cause disorder

on your liver, immune system, and general health. milk thistle supplements,milk thistle liver health,milk thistle liver,milk thistle silybum

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